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Where passion meets precision, and dreams meet dedication  

We specialise in classic car restoration and repair in Christchurch. Returning classic and vintage British,  European, American & Australian cars and motorcycles to their original glory.

Rediscover the thrill...

Own a piece of history, a classic car that turns heads and stirs souls?

• Enhance its value & rarity to be a treasure on wheels
• Elevate a once-forgotten gem to its former glory
• Customise for a unique blend of retro & modern flair.
• Relish the roar or purr of your fine-tuned engine
• Share passion with enthusiasts & celebrate nostalgia.
Auto car restoration of a green Jaguar sports car by Upper Classics Christchurch.
American car restoration and class car restoration of this black & white vintage sports car by Upper Classics

Classic car restoration

Masters in the art of British & European auto restoration and repair.
American car restoration by Upper Classics Christchurch

American car restoration

Expert craftsmen in classic American and Australian auto restoration, repair and modification.
Motorbike restoration by Upper Classics auto restoration

Motorbike restoration

Specialist in motorcycle restoration from any era, especially Japanese motorcycles from the 60s and 70s.

Auto car restoration services

A classic car is prepared for coach building and ash framing at Upper Classics NZ workshop.

Coach Building & Ash Framing

Restore or customise your vehicle body to ensure a perfect fit and finish.
An example of some of the panel beating & fabrication done by Upper Classics NZ

Panel Beating & Fabrication

Repair and fabricate panels, make your car's body flawless.
A classic car body is being spray painted at the Classic Car workshop, Upper Classics NZ.

Car Painting

Make your car shine like new with a professional paint job.
A restored classic car engine gleems by Upper Classics NZ.


From engines to brakes, get your car performing at its best.
Retored walnut veneering on a classic car on display at Upper Classics NZ.


Add a touch of elegance back to your car’s interior.
A restored vintage car's grill showcases the chrome & brass trim on the grill and headlights at Upper Classics NZ workshop

Chrome & Brass Trim

Add the final touch of trim to your vehicle.

Professional Restoration Success Stories

Triumphs in restoration & classic cars Christchurch


What is your restoration process for classic cars?

Answer: Make a time to view the vehicle/bike, provide an estimate and timeframe, schedule restoration stages

How long does the typical restoration process take?

Answer: From a few hours for a simple repair to 12 months

Do you provide customization options during the restoration process?

Answer: Yes, we personalise each restoration project to the car and owners needs

Can you work with specific car models or makes?

Answer: We work with all models, and are specialists in European, British and American classic cars and 1970s Japanese Motorbikes

Do you provide a detailed breakdown of the restoration expenses?

Answer: Yes, we work with you on your wish list and expenses. 

Are there any additional costs that might arise during the restoration process?

Answer: Sometimes, we find additional repairs are required, such as rust etc. We suggest to budget for contingencies.

Do you offer original or aftermarket parts for restoration projects?

Answer: Yes, we work hard to source original parts. We are a specialist in SS Jaguar parts

Do you offer any warranties on the parts used in the restoration?

Answer: Yes we offer warranties

What maintenance recommendations do you provide for a restored classic car?

Answer: Regular servicing to keep your car in tip top condition.

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